High School Car Driving Test App Reviews

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Sometimes it can crash for no reason which gets me mad but its a good game


Its addicting it just that its very easy to damage the car

Who cares about damage to the car!?!

When I just touched the curb it was a crash. And its so hard to control the steering wheel.



This game isnt bad!!

This game is actually pretty helpful for people who are going to get their permit or drivers license because it gives a lot of information on parking, turns, sharp turns, etc. Even if you are not getting your license it is a good way to pass time if you are waiting or in the car and you have nothing to do! But the one thing that I dont like is the graphics!!

New update

OMG I tried playing the new levels but the app keeps on kicking me off

This game is awesome

Love it


I like this app because of the lessons and the real life driving experience. But lately, on free drive, snow, and rain, it has been WAY to glitchy. I end up crashing and from what my experience has been, Im pretty sure there is no way for me to complete all of the worlds with 3 stars. Im very disappointed in the lack of updating as well. Please get a bug fix update soon!

Ad problem

Hey everyone! So Ive been reading the reviews, and I saw a lot that said the game has a lot of ads. In my opinion, it does as well, but if you put your phone on airplane mode, they wont appear anymore.

Its good but needs work

You should add freeways and different kinds of traffic and you should be able to go inside the stores and play the games like at the burger shop you can play a burger game or when u go in the town you can buy a house and inside the homes there are rooms and you can live there and you can actually go to school. So its not just a driving game its a life game!!

Good game

Nice challenging game


Fun but annoying how when you get close to somethings it counts it as a hit. I just might delete it and never get it again


I love this game it is so addicting but can be hard and sometimes I get a little frustrated I have finished pretty much all the levels and love it.*****5 stars


This game is so cool I have no negatives!!!


I LOVE THIS GAME! I have a few recommendations tho. I think it would be awesome if u added motorcycles or made another game just like this for motorcycles, dirt bikes,golf carts,quads,and moped scooters. If u could add water splashing; aka hydro planing on the rain section that would be cool. Also, on the snow section add to where u slide on ice. I really like this game and would love to see some of these recommendations used. I think it would really make the game even more better!


Its really fun but gets harder and harder as u get to higher Levels

Love this game

Once I got it I was addicted

No Glitching!

This game is my favorite game I have. In the other reviews it was glitchy but it was perfect for me But I wish there were more levels because I finished them all AWSOME game though!!!

Frustrating game

I have had this game before and I was trying to get on level 25. My car is just spinning in a black hole I tried everything to fix it but it would keep spinning and at the of the screen it was saying your car is thousands of miles away from the destination. I was just wondering if you could fix the bugs. Deal???

This game is the best

Its hard and Awsome

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